Posted by: allstaragility | August 16, 2009

Pre-puppy nightmares…

Boy, I had the WORST dream last night- I actually went back to sleep to make sure it ended OK (it didn’t).  I won’t divulge all ofthe details over the internet, you will have to get the better, unabridged version from me in person.  For some reason, it turned out I was getting my puppy from somebody else and I found out that the puppies could have been a mixture of several other breeds!  There were two litters born pretty close to each other so they all got thrown together (so we weren’t even sure who the mom was!).   The sires could have been one of several dogs from different breeds.   The breeder didn’t see a problem in this and wasn’t even going to have them DNA tested or sell for less because they could all be called “designer dogs”!   It was one of those nightmares that was so real, you wake up half-believing it is true.   Puppies were still adorable, but you just had no clue who/what they really were or would end up being.    Don’t be upset, there are millions of wonderful mixed breed dogs (I have had 2 in my life), but when you purchase a gallon of milk, you don’t plan on it being  half  OJ and half buttermilk when you get home.  Ok, maybe a lame analogy, but I am still somewhat shaken…

Yikes, I guess it is some pre-puppy jitters and questioning that I have made the right pick (in puppy- not from who or where it is coming!).  I am looking forward to the temperament testing tomorrow, but don’t think it will sway my decision unless things have really changed in the last 6 days.

I am debating taking Bode with me to KC.  I do need him to help demonstrate for my sequencing class and think it might be nice for the baby to meet and get used to him before coming home.  I think he will just adore the baby- has always done well with puppies.  On the other hand, I wonder if leaving him home would allow for some better initial bonding.   Decisions, decisions…

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