Posted by: allstaragility | August 18, 2009

It was a good night…

The baby (gotta give her a name asap!) did so well last night.   She slept in her kennel in the quiet grooming room at the Pet Ranch while I taught, then came home for her dinner and some romping before crashing about midnight.  She woke me up about 4am for a quick trip outside and then slept very well until almost 8am this morning.  We had a good morning of breakfast and playing tug and having fun with a bunch of new, exciting toys.  She has been crashed for the last 2 hours, thankfully, so I could get some other work done.  I am very thankful that Jen had a lot of crates in the puppie’s X-pen as she loves being in her crate to rest.  I think she is just now waking up and ready for lunch and a walk outside.

So far we have just focused on bonding, establishing good outdoor potty habits (at which she already excels), and having fun exploring new places, toys, etc.  I will get more pics later today!

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