Posted by: allstaragility | August 20, 2009

Another big day!

Introductions to Zoom and Caper went well last night when we got home from KC about midnight.  Zoom is in love and happy I finally have another dog who speaks his “language” while sweet Caper is doing his best to just pretend she isn’t real (although I saw him making up to her some when I wasn’t looking).  She slept through the night and was ready to go with me into the hospital today.  We all know how important it is to have a good relationship with our vets, but I enjoy going in to work 1-2 days/week and, more importantly, get a decent employee discount!   She got a good check-up and all is well (we still have the Optho exam next Monday to pass).  Everybody adores her!

I will have to take a picture of her supper “dish”- I am placing her food on a small, child’s tippy disc and  she is placing her front feet on it to eat- no worries whatsoever.  After dinner, we went down to the Farm (aka Mom and Dad’s) to meet them and the rest of the dog crew- just a little overwhelming for her, but she took it in stride.  She did think the horses where quite intriguing!

After getting comfortable, I took her and Bode out to the agility field so I could do some quick contact work with him before leaving tomorrow, plus I wanted to see how she reacted to watching him.  The baby (again, gotta get a name!) watched as I sent Bode over the dogwalk and, before I could release him, she was starting up the plank!  I rushed back saying “good baby!” and stopped to reward her and then take her off.  Of course she thought that was very cool and wanted right back on it!  Ooooooh, I think she is going to be a lot of fun!  She even did some small teeter bangs on her own, just as bold as could be.  Maybe I need to call her Fearless…

I really dread the whole naming business.  I think up of all these neat names, then nothing seems to fit this sweet, cuddly baby.  Suggestions are still welcome!

Gotta go pack for the long drive to St. Louis tomorrow!  In less than 72 hours, this puppy will have been to Laura’s, the Pet Ranch, my house, the vet hospital, the farm/agility field and my Aunt’s house in St. Louis, plus travel over 9 hours  in the car.   Welcome to life with me, baby!  You are doing a great job so far!

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