Posted by: allstaragility | August 22, 2009

And the name is (insert drumroll)…

I believe I have finally decided on Solei (meaning “sun” and pronounced Soul-ay).  She will probably end up being AllStar’s Ray of Light.  I am honestly exhausted mentally from trying to find the right name-what a big decision!  It fits her OK and meets my name criteria of one to two hard vowl sounds and one to two syllables.

We had another good day at the trial, but it was much shorter as we were done by 12:30.  I got a new collar for her- ugh, it is even pink!  She had her lunch at the show site and got to demonstrate some of the body-awareness exercises we have been doing.

Now we are riding with my Aunt Mary down to St. Genevive, MO to visit a new vinyard belonging to her friends.  She has been helping them plant and tend to he “farm”.  It is about an hour south of St. Louis and Solei is sleeping next to me in her crate.  She certainly got over her motion sickness pretty quickly!

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