Posted by: allstaragility | August 22, 2009

One tired puppy!

Just able to sit down after a long agility day.  The puppy (thinking of the name Sole’- pronounced Soul-ay, meaning sun) had a wonderful day meeting lots of new people and dogs, playing with Jocelyn Baker’s grandaughter, Sidney, and watching dogs running in the ring.   NOTHING overwhelmed her and I am still amazed at how well she adjusts to new situations! 

Once back to my Aunt Mary’s, I did a little one-on-one work with her during meal time, just getting her used to the clicker.  By the end our our little session, she was leaving my hand closed over her food to taget my other hand about 12″ away, resulting in a click and some food!  I also started doing some very basic body awareness exercises by having her follow the food in my hand to circle both directions, back up, crawl under my leg, etc.  When we were done and her food bowl empty, she proceeded to pick up the metal dish in her mouth and run around with it!

Mary’s neighbor came over with her cocker/lab mix (picture a minature afgahn hound- she was adorable) to romp with all of the dogs and the baby is getting much more bold around the big dogs, yet cannily knows when to get out of the way.  The long day finally caught up and I found her in her favorite place; my suitcase!


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