Posted by: allstaragility | August 27, 2009


Solei weighed 8.8 pounds which is a 1.6# gain in the last week!  She is really growing in more ways than size.  As she has gotten comfortable in her “home” (which really means wherever I am with her as we have been so many places), I am starting to see a little bit more of her independent side.  She is quite content to go off on her own new adventures, but if she loses sight of me, will worry about finding me- I LOVE this!   She is becoming much more bold around my other dogs and will even chase and dare to grab Bode and Zoom as they run by.

She is more cautious around Caper- with good reason.  Poor old boy hasn’t adjusted well to a new pup and is quite out of sorts.  I am making sure to spend quality time with each dog to let them know they are still special.   Still, he got into one of those quick tiffs with Skye over a toy last night (Mom was keeping Caper and Zoom while I was out of town teaching) which resulted in Skye having a 5-inch, L-shaped rip in his side that got repaired today (no shows for Skye in the next month and no regionals this weekend!).    I am really starting to see Caper age and am keeping a close eye on him as I have sense that things haven’t been “right” with him for the last few weeks (regardless of puppy).  I just hate it when they get old so quickly…

But I digress, Solei had a blast playing with Kristin’s 3 remaining Sheltie puppies on Tuesday during a practice session.  It took her a while to figure out how to “speak” Sheltie, but finally was one of the group.  They will be at regionals this weekend, so will hopefully keep each other somewhat occupied.  BTW, Kristin has a BEAUTIFUL male left in this litter who reminds me so much of Skye as a baby.   Good thing I already have a puppy 🙂  It may be a long weekend for Mom to exercise restraint!

In regards to training… We have done some more introduction to the clicker with her targeting my hand in order to get a reward.  Today, I started clicking for her placing any part of her body on the balance disc; not difficult for her as she loves to climb on it.  I even started releasing her off of the disc to target my hand.  Solei is very quick to learn, but also has a very short attention span and I have to be careful not to push it too long with her- she is only 8 weeks, after all!

Monday morning was the first time through a short tunnel!  I just introduced it as a fun, new toy and nothing very formal yet.  I have been also doing some opposition reflex exercises to her toys or food tube, or releasing her to race me.   We have also played some hide and seek- she loves to jump up in my arms when she finds me 🙂  All good bonding exercises.

When we got home last night about 11:30, it was in the middle of quite the lightning storm and deluge of rain.  She showed no fear whatsoever and would have preferred to stay out and play in the rain had I not been so concerned about getting fried by lightning.   Hopefully, this is a phobia she will not pick up from Zoom…

We have another long drive tomorrow to Ft. Worth.  Good thing she loves her crate!

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