Posted by: allstaragility | September 1, 2009

2-week travel tallies

Polo and Solei playing in Ft. Worth

Polo and Solei playing in Ft. Worth

After a hectic 2 weeks, I have decided to keep tabs of everywhere little Solei has been.  I hope to keep this a running tally for her first year- I think it will be quite surprising.  So far she has spent 6 nights home and 9 nights away (3 in KC, 3 in St. Louis, 3 in Ft. Worth) and has been on the road traveling for more than 37 hours!

She had a fun weekend in Ft. Worth meeting new people and furry friends.  She got to play more with Kristin’s puppies and got to romp with Polo on Sunday night- he is the puppy Nancy is keeping and we brought him back so I could connect with her in KC on Monday.   I wonder if she will remember him later on?  It was a good lesson that there is no way I would EVER be able to deal with raising 2 puppies at once!  🙂

Solei reached her crate-time limit on the way home from Texas and, while she sleeps and eats in her kennel fine, is much more happy being out and about, especially with me.  I don’t think it will be too long before she has to upgrade to a larger kennel- in fact, she sleeps in Zoom’s kennel next to my bed at home without any problem.  She was wanting to stretch out on her back and send me the message that she is growing very fast…

Structured training has been somewhat at a minimum with all the new places she has been, however I am continuing to work on name recognition, hand targeting, sit, and down at meal times.  Otherwise, she has been too busy being a puppy, learning about the world around her and making everything she can get a hold of into a toy! 

I need more room!

I need more room!


  1. Don’t worry, if you are ever in town again 🙂 she will have two new playmates, morgan and Deuce!

  2. I love the tally on where she’s been. I should have done that with the puppies. Let’s see, 12 weeks old, 12 states, more away nights than home ones… hmmm.
    It was so fun to see Soleil and let the gang play. I sure hope it won’t be too long to do it again.

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