Posted by: allstaragility | September 3, 2009

This and that…

Solei playing in the cat cubes

Solei playing in the cat cubes

Much to get in this morning.  First, I was shocked and very saddened to hear that Geri Hernandez lost her wonderful dog, Focus, yesterday.  They were the 2008 26″ AKC Agility champions and on the 2008 AKC World Team, finishing 4th individually- an awesome achievement!  They were preparing to leave next week, I believe, for the 2009 WC in Austria.  Not many details, but it was very sudden and while doing what they both loved.  He was very young- would have turned 5 this weekend.   A beautiful video of them at the 2008 nationals can be seen at  It really brings home that we never know how much time we will have with our partners so please go hug your dogs.

Now on to a happier topic!  Solei spent Tuesday evening watching the classes.  She spent some time whining and wanting out, then just settled in very well.  I can’t wait until she is a little older and I can have her out with me.  I hope she can become a good, quiet demo dog.  Bode HAS to be the center of attention and really complains  (aka copious BARKING) when he isn’t the one running.  I always tell people that he is very well trained, but not well behaved 🙂  Of course, I am sure there is absolutely NOTHING I did wrong to make him into a little monster- ha ha!

Yesterday, after going with me to work and getting her booster vaccinations, we spent the afternoon and evening at the farm.  We did several various, short training sessions mixed in with a lot of exploring.  I found half of an old teeter plank and set it flat on the ground so she could get on it (no problem, she is a little mountain goat) and she learned to run accross it to her toy about 4′ past the end.  I am amazed at how much she absorbes information-  one time after getting her toy and running around with it, she went back to the plank and ran accross it again on her own!

One thing to address- she runs to her toy of food tube, picks it up and runs away with it!  It is HERS and she wants to continue playing and not give it back to me.  Methinks I need to work on retrieving a bit more!  Solei says it is great fun to run with the toy while mommy is chasing her.  Yes, I know better than to chase, but she is just too cute saying, mine Mine MINE!  Plus, it is just all in taking the time to work through it and, hey, she is only 9 weeks old!  Solei’s favorite toy is the rubber milking inflations and, so far, she only gets to play with these in the agility field.  I get t out and she will turn herself inside out to play with it.

We did some more work with the short tunnel and banging the low teeter (she thinks that is a great game).  I don’t want to push too much as she is going through a fear period.  Nothing major, however a very obese lab came running up to her as we left for class the other night and now she is doing some submissive urination with both other dogs and people.  If I was her size and a 100+ pound dog came running aggressively up to me, I would probably pee too.   Not too worried about it, but definately don’t want to have any negative imprints at this time.  Loud noises don’t bother her at all and I am not seeing any other fearful behaviors.

With that in mind, we explored out in the pasture and went for a walk with the boys up to the timber and the old, stone spring house.  Oh dear, Solei has discovered the joys of cow manure…  Solei is becomming more and more independent and is perfectly happy running off into the tall grass or trees on her own exploring.  She did return to me every time I called with the exception being that cow pies must be more interesting than me 🙂

Warning! Do not attempt to pick up a black rubber milking inflation in the pasture if it is slithering!  I always give one to Caper when we walk as he loves to carry somthing and it keeps him quiet.  I thought he had dropped it and, as I bent over to pick it up out of the tall grass, it started slithering away!  Glad I didn’t actually grab it and relieved that the dogs were already ahead of me and didn’t see it.

It is nice to have a restful day so that I can help prepare the field for class tonight and spend more time with the dogs.  Also have to sit down to work out plans for the seminar this weekend and get ready for another weekend on the road.  I will remember to take the camera with me to get some more photos of our walk and training sessions…


  1. Aren’t girls great! :>)

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