Posted by: allstaragility | September 8, 2009

Wow, part 2

I continue to be amazed by the mental capacity of a 10-week old puppy…  After reviewing Daisy Peel’s blogs of all the early training she did with Solar (check out and search the archives for late 2007 and early 2008), I decided I really needed to dive in with Solei.   I already had a pretty strong inkling of how keen she is to training, but hadn’t really pushed her much since she is still a baby.  Today Solei proved she is mentally ready and her brain is a sponge waiting to soak in new information.

I have had her on the balance disc, mainly luring her.  This morning, I decided to isolate certain behaviors and free-shape them.  In one session, she was leaving me (who had the goodies) to go to the disc and place both feet on it!  Even better is that, after 2 small sessions this afternoon and evening, she is offering to look for the disc with her hind feet!  This concept I wouldn’t have expected her to grasp for some time!  I would love to think it is because I am a very efficient trainer, however I know she deserves all of the credit for some awesome wheels in her brain.    The best thing was that the last session was quite a bit longer than I would have expected such a young puppy to endure, but she never tired of the game- how cool is that?!?  I had to stop after about 7 minutes and just let her eat dinner; mainly because the boys were shut in the kitchen and making it clear that they weren’t happy about it 🙂  If I have time tomorrow, I will try to get some video of her.

Well, I splurged a bit and ordered a MannersMinder.  I think I will find a lot of uses for it, but see it’s true benefit if I decide to do running contacts with her- Scary!


  1. I’ve just gotten somewhat ‘caught up’ on your doings. Cute girl!! I miss agility–want to get back to it!!! (Summer was spent on travel, work for my Mom in Oregon, and running her to various medical appointments. And I’ve already been back once since starting back to work for fall semester. Her health is lousy.)

    Seamus would really really really like to get back to fun stuff. Wolf–well, maybe one really for him.

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