Posted by: allstaragility | September 14, 2009

Awesome dogs!

After a really crummy week (my Grandmother passed away and her funeral was on Friday), the weekend ended on a good note.  Zoom finished his last QQ for his MACH 2 and only needs 49 pts to Q for nationals- not bad considering he has only been to 3 trials this year!  Bode got his last QQ to go to nationals as well and was 5 for 6 runs this weekend.  Out only error was my mis-cuing the weaves so I am ecstatic about how well he ran.  He really LOVES grass-running on it, I mean 🙂

Solei had a wonderful time, especially playing with Blaze, the Chihuahua belonging to Tammie’s daughter, Anna.  He certainly doesn’t know he is small and they played tag and raced around the yard for a long time!  He also has a rather nice running dogwalk that Anna showed me.  I told her I will send Solei to her to teach a running DW when she gets old enough 🙂

The other nice thing was that Solei got to play a little on different equipment at Tammie’s.  She ran through the curved tunnel like it was ours at home and had fun bringing down the teeter with her front feet.  Tammie’s teeter has a purple rubber surface and it didn’t throw Solei at all!

We got home tonight and I decided that Solei has spent enough time with the other dogs so we took a long walk, just the 2 of us.   I need to make time to do that more with her!  I also discovered that when I ignore her, she will bring a toy back to me to throw so at least I have a good starting place to reinforce and build from!

Off to KC again to teach tomorrow and I hope to get started with introducing the MannersMinder more!

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