Posted by: allstaragility | September 24, 2009

Ahhh, THIS is HOME!

Now What?  Note: Gramma Bee in background.

Now What? Note: Gramma Bee in background.

Finally I actually have 5 days in a row at home and am taking this weekend off of trialing/teaching.  Solei is catching on to the fact that THIS is home for her- she is picking out her napping spots (loves being in the crate in the closet with Zoom- must be a BC thing), is finding the roll of TP in the bathroom extremely entertaining, and is happily going to her crate to finish her meals after training.

We focused a lot yesterday on playing recall, where-is-mom games with good results.  I quickly found out that, while she may not want to always come to me when I call her (there are more interesting things in the world, after all), she is always very aware of where I am and will worry if she can’t find me.  The first time I called her and she didn’t respond, I hid while she was turned away.  This resulted in a few minutes of panic-seeking trying to find where I went.  Lots of hugs and kisses when I called her and let her find me was very rewarding for both of us.  I had to repeat this several times, but was happy with her response.  She is really getting too “tuned in” to the other dogs- normally my boys haven’t been this independent so early (with the exception of Derby…uh oh!), but I am feeling confident about our progress.

The hardest part for her was when we were out in the agility field and I wanted to work with her going out around a wing (yes, she already knows this fairly well!).  The issue was she decided she would rather go play at the AF, doing her “toes” and “feet” by herself.  When I called and she chose not to respond, I just ignored her and walked away.  With the prospect of cookies and toys leaving her, she decided to follow and got rewarded when she reached me.  After doing a few “outs”, I then took her over to the AF to play as a reward.

As I write now, I am sitting outside on the porch and Solei has spotted the cows in the field below.  She saw them up close yesterday and was much more comfortable in that proximity (about 10 feet).  Here are a few pix of the dogs with the ducks that Jen took.  I have to put in the one with Blue- just too cool to see her blue eyes through the ducks!

Momma Blue doing her thing.

Momma Blue doing her thing.

Bode thinks he is "all that" at herding!

Bode thinks he is "all that" at herding!

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