Posted by: allstaragility | October 5, 2009

Good Recovery…

Well, I almost killed a dog (and the dog’s owner) this week… long story made short, I took the dogs to the private off-leash park and a rotten little terrier came out of nowhere (bypassing a barking Bode) and rolled Solei.  She was about 30′ ahead of me and, by the time I reached them, the puppy was screaming (making it even more fun for the terrier).  I was able to pick her up (and restrained myself from getting in a few swift kicks) until the owner sauntered  over and had the gall to comment…” Oh, she’s just a puppy.  Well, she needs to learn how to play with rough dogs!”   Then she seemed upset when I replied that her dog needed to learn how to play nice or not be allowed off leash!

Exactly the reason I don’t go to dog parks, however this is a private one and this person was in a completely different area.   My biggest fear was how Solei was going to recover and she has been just fine and she played fine Sara’s boisterous Airedale after class that night.  Thank goodness she wasn’t hurt and I am not in jail for murder…  Chalk it up as a learning experience for both of us!

We had a road trip to Lincoln this weekend.  Great atmosphere for the puppy and she got her microchip as well.  She saw a lot of new breeds (her only pause for concern was when she couldn’t see the Bouvier’s eyes), got exposed to a wide variety of new things (blow dryers, dogs dressed in snoods, etc) and did some shopping, too!

Jen took some more pictures when we traiDSC_2342 Soleined on Tuesday.  Here are a few cute ones…DSC_2338 SoleiDSC_2353 Solei 2

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