Posted by: allstaragility | November 2, 2009

Playing Catch-up

Wow!  I looked at the calendar and realized it has almost been a month since I blogged last!  Ok, call me a techno-slacker…

First of all, let me catch up on the tally.  As of today, Solei has been with me for 11 weeks- 77 days. We have spent 106 hours traveling in the car to 7 states and 11 training/trialing sites.  That has meant 44 nights at home and 33 away!  Hard to believe out of the last 2.5 months, we have accumulated over 1 month being away from home!

Besides all of the traveling, Solei has had a wonderful time just being a puppy and growing up.  She is at that age where I think a lot of people try to do too much too soon in agility so I am having to force myself to work on specific behaviors that will apply to agility later on.  My focus with her now is establishing a good relationship and working on foundation skills (even though she would really love to climb on the “big toys”).  We play a lot of flatwork games, focus exercises, recalls (most tricky when the other dogs are running around!), etc.

Aside from playing in any available water bowl and stealing every object she can grab, she has just been delightful.  As I type this I had to go and rescue  the kleenex box from her that had been nabbed from my nightstand and was in the process of being wondrously shredded in the closet.  I have to say she is quite resourceful and easily keeps herself occupied (however this usually involves varying forms of shredding, chewing or digging).

She has made dog friends everywhere (even though Zoom is her “bestest” pal).   Just this last weekend, we stayed at Sharon Clark’s where I taught over 17 hours of private lessons with a Halloween party on Saturday night.  For Solei and Bode it was like going to summer camp with romping first thing in the morning, digging in mud puddles mid-morning,  then a noon nap followed by playing with the egg-ball and more romping in the afternoon.  Sharon, Tom and Pattie were so nice to offer to supervise Solei while I taught so that she could be out and play verses in the X-pen with Bode and I don’t think I have ever seen a more satisfied,  exhausted puppy.  While she slept, Bode kept nosing her to see if she was still alive (that is, when he wasn’t preoccupied with trying to woo his new “girlfriend”).  On a side note, I purchased little horns to put on Bode for the Halloween party and he went as a convincing “horny little devil”!

We have a wonderful adventure coming up next week- USDAA Nationals in Scottsdale!  It is, by far, my favorite agility event.  There is so much for a puppy to see and do and she is at a good age to be exposed to all the festivities (flyball, frisbee, herding, splash dogs, lure coursing  besides agility for her to watch).   Plus, we have such a great contingency going from our area it will be a blast!

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