Posted by: allstaragility | January 11, 2010


After Jocelyn reported that Solei’s sister, Dixie was up to tracks with 3 corners, I decided I better get in gear!   Tracking was such a wonderful confidence booster for Zoom and I enjoyed tracking him and know how much it improved our teamwork.  However, it isn’t like agility for me- I just don’t necessarily have a yearning to do it so it had completely slipped my mental “to do” list until Jocelyn was talking about how well Dixie was doing!

Zoom took to tracking very easily.  I honestly have to admit that I wasn’t a very dedicated trainer with him in preparations for his certification or in earning his TD.   The biggest downfall tracking has for me is the time invested in laying and aging a track then run it once and you are done!  It isn’t like agility where you can go play, take a break and then come back to it later or change some things around and run a completely different sequence…  Boring!  Actually, one of my favorite parts to tracking is starting a dog when you can do several, short tracks in succession.   Plus, it is my goal to have a well-rounded puppy so I figured it was a good time to take advantage of the snow instead of complaining about how it was covering up the agility toys. 🙂

I have to say that Solei is taking to it quite enthusiastically.  However, I am a tad concerned how she will do when there is no snow on the ground.  Zoom didn’t start with snow, so I felt it was really easy for him when there was snow.  I wonder if her sticking her nose in every single track and being able to see the footprints will cause probelms later on…  Everybody I have talked to so far says it is great to start puppies in snow so I guess we will see!

After several tracking lessons, today we worked up to 2 corners, 3 legs with very sparse food drops.  I also did an article indication drill on a long, straight track with 4 different articles.  Even with food in them, she would much rather keep going…  She pulls like a Mac truck and has already learned what it means when I bring out the harness!   We had a pretty strong wind today and it didn’t seem to phase her much except at one corner when she had to do some searching.   With warmer temps coming this week and the snow hopefully melting, I guess we will see how she does when it is gone…

Zoom also had fun tracking today.  It has been about a year since we have done any tracking so I layed a pretty basic track and only aged it an hour.   He “zoomed” through it with no problem!  He loves it so much that I am thinking of working towards his TDX, if I can dedicate myself to it enough!  🙂

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