Posted by: allstaragility | January 21, 2010

Time to get busy!

It has been a long time since I have had a 2-month hiatus from all agility competitions!  I never thought I would reach a point where I actually “needed” a break, but in reflection it was overdue.  How refreshing it was to enjoy family over the holidays without having to rush off to a trial.  One of my nephews couldn’t believe it- “You mean you aren’t leaving to go ANYWHERE the WHOLE time we are there?   Yessssssss!”.   It has been a while since doing nothing was something I looked forward to!

The dogs were also ready for well-earned time off.  Granted, it was a bit more time than I had planned.  With the never-disappearing snow and the sun on vacation behind the clouds, there hasn’t been very much productivity in the agility- training department.  Now, instead of heading to Bode’s first trial of the year with enthusiasm and excited anticipation, I am afraid he is somewhat out of practice and lacking conditioning.   I was so happy with his jumping in November, but feel we slid backwards somewhat over the break.  Gotta re-organize our goal to be ready by Nationals in March!

The poor conditions outside where good in one respect; it forced me to back off of any premature obstacle training for Solei and focus on some of the more important, yet tedious aspects.   Aside from shaping some new tricks, exercises in patience, tucking the hiney into perfect heel position, long sits/stays with distractions and crate games became our core activities.  We discovered just how much foundation work can be done in a small living room!   I am also very pleased with how well Solei has improved in her self-control while watching my agility classes.

Now is the time for action and to get back outdoors!  Well, at least to the extent the swampy field allows and while Mother Nature cooperates…  I was able to go out the last few days and get some more formal work on laying the foundation for Solei’s running dogwalk (Lord, help me!).  If you are interested, I am following the basic format outlined by Sylvia Trkman, which can be found at   Also, I have studied Daisy Peel’s video record of how she trained the DW with her awesome BC, Solar (who won Grand Prix at Nationals with that wonderful dogwalk!).  You can view this wonderful documentation starting with :

Thusfar, I am very happy and excited with how well Solei is taking to both a running A-Frame and Dogwalk.  Of course, she is still very young so everything is low or flat on the ground!  My goal is to simply begin establishing what I want her to continue to do as we progress through training.

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