Posted by: allstaragility | January 24, 2010

A great weekend.

Day 2 report of our first trail of the year- I am so very happy with how well Bode is running!  His first run was a Q with excellent jumping.  He knocked a bar on a bad rear cross cue from me in jumpers and took the triple down today in standard, however I realized he has not seen one since November!  Meant to work that this week and just ran out of time to drag it out of the shed…BAD trainer!  Actually, the bar in standard today gave me the “opportunity” to take time to hold and reinforce his contacts.  The footing has been the best at this site in quite a long time (a welcome relief) and I am finding the best balance of warm-up for both his body and mind; one of my New Year’s resolutions.

Speaking of resoultions, I haven’t lost my room key yet 🙂

This has also been a positive experience for Solei.  The time away from the show environment and working on  more focus skills was evident.  I was able to be between dogs running in the rings on either side and work stays, heeling, setting-up, and other flat-work skills.  She was as motivated by the excitement as ever, but showed a lot of seft-control.  She is so mentally mature- what a smart girlie!  During a break in classes, we were even able to get some action over a very low warm-up jump.  We walked by one of the idle rings and she tried so hard to pull me into it- “See mom, nobody is using it now,  can we play pleeeeeease? ”

Oh, another high-point… she measured at about 19 1/4″ .  She has a tad more growing to do so I think she will be just a perfect height.  🙂

Got to watch some beautiful runs and a lot of dogs who were just happy to be running and not cooped up indoors.  There was some silliness, but so fun to see the dogs actually smiling to be back in the ring.  It has also nice to reconnect with friends who I haven’t seen since October AKC shows.  With just one minor exception (why is there always one boat-rocker…there is NO place for it.),  everybody is in a wonderful, positive spirit!

I hope to be able to post some video and start Solei’s running dogwalk diary this coming week.  For now, I have been playing and doing a lot of research…seems the way of the competitive world and I feel there is really just one shot to make it work!

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