Posted by: allstaragility | January 30, 2010

Project Dogwalk…

The last few weeks have brought the beginning of Solei’s formal running dogwalk training.  I was very happy with the progress, especially after the last few days.  Daisy Peel graciously reviewed some video I sent her and both confirmed some things I was observing with Solei’s striding and gave me some great advice.  Last night when I worked her, Solei was about 95% on having the correct striding on the ramp coming from the table.  I even worked rear crosses, front crosses, driving ahead and remaining stationary with consistent performance.    Now I have to remain patient as Solei will have a 2-week break as a result of her OVH today.  Everything went well, but she will have to be on restricted activity… Guess I get to go back and do some more focus work in the meantime!  

The break will also give me time to officially organize “project dogwalk”.  A group of All Star Agility members and students with young dogs who are wanting to train the running dw are going to get together mid-February to go over the training process and video/review the dogs’ performance.  I am excited about this being a great learning opportunity for everybody and look forward to seeing the results!

BTW- Happy 12th B-Day (just a day late) to Caper!  He is still always game for a run in the agility field 🙂

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