Posted by: allstaragility | February 9, 2010

Can you hear me now?

Oh, poor Solei.  Just 9 days after her spay, I came home from a weekend trialing and was exercising the dogs at the farm.  I left them outside for a few minutes and when I called them in, the little girl had ripped her ear.  For those of you who haven’t ever had the joy of experiencing an ear-leather injury, they bleed like crazy.  I was very scared at first thinking that something had attacked her, but no, all the blood was from her ear.  Any CSI would probably conclude that somebody was murdered on the back porch!   As near as I can deduce, she must snagged it on a barbed-wire fence while sneeking into the pasture.

After examining it and determining it was serious enough to ward a trip to the hospital, I meekly called Dr. Mandy to see if she would put her ear back together.  She did an awesome job and I am hoping that it will heal without loosing much, if any part of the ear.

Now she is back in the dreaded “cone of shame” as she perfectly demonstrates in this picture:

"I do not like the cone of shame."

Now, just as I was going to be able to get back to doing some agiltiy training with her, we are sidelined for a few more days.  Just as well, the temps outside have dropped and it would be brutal outside to do much.  Instead, I think we will start some more conditioning exercises on the ball and balance disc.  That will be good for all of us!

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