Posted by: allstaragility | February 11, 2010

Project Dogwalk Continues…

After a 10-day break while recovering from her spay, Solei and I have gotten back to our running dogwalk training.  I say “our” instead of “her” as we are both learning this skill!  It is a fun and challenging process.

Before our break, I was fortunate enough to take some footage of the early stages of training.  Daisy Peel was kind enough to review it and give me some advice as to what was acceptable striding and what would be considered a jump.  Thus, I went back and was more choosy about what I was marking as correct.  What an exercise in quick observation and deducing if a stride is desireable to immediately click and reward!  Practice doesn’t exactly always make perfect, but I am getting better about not rewarding poor performance and giving “bigger” rewards for exceptionally good execution. 

Lucky for me, I don’t have to withold reward very often!  I would say out of 25-30 repetitions we did today (some with the plank off of a low table and the other from a low dogwalk), she only “”missed” 2.  Those misses were still “in the yellow”, perse, but not the correct stride pattern I have defined.  One of those I did a half-click before catching myself…

We had done several sessions with the ramp off a low table before going to a lowered dogwalk this afternoon.  She transitioned beautifully and her striding was even better on the full obstacle!  I would send her to wrap a low jump to set her up for the obstacle while I either ran with or ahead of her.  I also sat her about 20′ in front of the obstacle and walked past the end of it before releasing her and remained stationary as she ran.  

You can see some of the video from our training sessions at  I did splurge and buy a new video editing program so that I can edit my mp4 files without having to convert them (and lose quality in the process).   I will try to keep updating our training sessions as we progress.

Oh, I have to update: Solei’s ear is healing well.  I am keeping it wrapped to prevent further trauma to it so she looks pretty funny right now, but it hasn’t slowed her down any!  🙂

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