Posted by: allstaragility | February 18, 2010

Dogwalk mania

I never use to consider 40-degree weather beautiful, but I have to say my standards have been lowered considerably this winter.  This was one of the first sunny days that I have been able to get out and train in a long time and I took full advantage of it!  I hope everybody was able to get out and enjoy the sun as it has been losing the battle with the clouds this year.

More RDW training with Solei today, starting with where we left off.  I did add a tunnel before the DW to get a good run onto it.   Very nice, consistent strides.   In our second session, I added a low jump past the end of the DW and put Solei’s toy beyond it.  Again, I had nice consistent strides.  Then I foolishly decided to try it the other direction, running to the tunnel.   Oops- this resulted in about 4 “jumps” in a row.  I finally deduced it was because she couldn’t see her toy, thus didn’t have the correct focus forward.

I moved the tunnel away and got some good strides with her toy past the end, then worked on the ground with her running through the tunnel to get her toy.  When I went back to the full exercise of DW-tunnel-toy, the desired striding returned.  Ha!  I thought this was going to be fairly easy once I got the strides I was wanting… guess I actually have to continue training!  Whodathunkit???  🙂

I am really looking forward to the group getting together on Saturday to focus on the RDW training!  I do hope the weather cooperates as it looks like snow is forecasted for Friday and Sunday.    Until then, I am keeping my fingers crossed that we can squeeze it in without any trouble…

Whether you are trialing, training or taking a break, I hope you all have a wonderfully POSITIVE weekend!!! 😛


  1. I wish I could come out and join you guys! I might just have to fly out there to join… I wish.

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