Posted by: allstaragility | February 5, 2012

Welcome home!

Welcome home, baby!

Meet C-ya.  She joined the family on groundhog day.  This is going to be her journal of everything I do to help her become a wonderful friend and, hopefully, a talented agility dog.    I am looking forward to sharing our experiences with you!

This is not a how-to blog.  While I love sharing techniques and theories, it is still a part of my livelihood and I can’t give it all away for free.  🙂 Instead, I hope this journal provides a little insight as to the time and energy that I dedicate to raising a puppy- especially in the first year as you never get that time back.

C-ya has already amassed an amazing amount of experiences and adventures in her short life.  I am so fortunate to have gotten a puppy who was given a wonderful head start in life (thank you, Kristin!).  It already makes me feel like I am weeks ahead of where many normally start off with a puppy.

Besides all that Kristin did with raising this litter, C-ya’s adventure began with a few plane flights from Utah.  She met new dogs at Lorraine’s, was introduced to 4 new siblings and thoroughly inspected her new house and yard.  Other than playing with new toys, cuddling and lots of trips outside to avoid accidents, that was about it the first night.

On Friday, we again spent the majority of the day getting to know each other.  I introduced the clicker (Kristin uses “yes”, so C-ya already knew the concept) and worked on a few skills that Kristin taught her (sit, hand targeting and climbing on top of everything).    I did start working some basic impulse control exercises with treats and toys which went great as she already knows to sit on cue.  I am lucky to have a dog that is both food and toy motivated!  I don’t have to work to bring out those attributes.

Friday night was our first big outing together.  Solei, C-ya and I packed up and headed to K-9’s to train with friends.  I discovered she has a fine set of lungs and is very stimulated by people and dogs running agility.  We made use of the back room where it was quiet and worked on the skills we practiced at home.  It was also a great place just to get out and run so we did a lot of chase-me games and she had a good romp with Solei.  It is so important that we allow and teach our puppies the joy of running and chasing!  By the end of the evening (and after numerous naps), I was able to have her out in the main arena while other dogs were running and keep her focus.   She isn’t always a screaming banshee!

Saturday was a relax day as we slept in (somebody was tuckered after last night!) and she got some travel and alone time in a crate as I met Lorraine, Kristin and Jen for lunch and then caught a movie (with potty breaks in between).   Back at home, we started on new toys; the big balance disc, physio ball, going around the cone and working sit, down, give, OK, and sit-up.  By the end of our session, she was offering to go out and around the cone (one direction) on her own!  What a smart baby!










  1. It’ll be so much fun watching our girls grow up together 😛

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