Posted by: allstaragility | February 6, 2012

Settling in

Day 3!  Today brought numerous shaping/play sessions interspersed between traveling with me to a few meetings.

Here is a list of skills we worked on today.

  1. Conditioned response to her name  (now that she finally has one!)
  2. Sits in front and at my side
  3. Down from standing and sitting
  4. Popping into a stand
  5. Spins to the left and right
  6. Moving backwards
  7. Applications of release (OK) and learning the difference between revving up (ready?),  reward (good girl) and release.
  8. Go- sending forward to a thrown toy.
  9. Structured play- sit and release to toy, tug-sit-tug, giving toy on cue, hands-on play (tugging with lots of petting, pushing, etc), hide-n-seek with a toy.
  10. Targeting 4 feet on balance disc and 1 food on upside-down bowl.
  11. Hand targeting and following it to come to side.
  12. RUN! Chase me games, chasing the other dogs and running after a toy.
  13. Crawling under legs for reward.
  14. Sitting-up.
  15. Sequencing “here” and “go”.
  16. Settling down while being held.


It is hard to itemize everything we work on because I would consider every interaction she has as some form of training.  We are still acclimating to each other and she is settling into the house; learning the rules and routines.   She is very keen to learn, but not terribly patient.  When shaping a new skill, it is funny how she sits and barks at me just the moment before she does the behavior.

Today, she reminded me of the important lesson that puppies need a good mix of play in with their shaping sessions.  I had been working on advancing a skill and she just wasn’t into it- wanted to go off exploring on her own.  It dawned on me that she needed a mental break so I brought out the toy for a good game and then tried the skill again a while later with success.   I was able to work a few more reps in and end on a good note.  10 week-old babies just don’t have the mental stamina, even if they are very smart!  Plus, there are plenty of things to be learned while playing

It was a "Girls Only" trip to the dog park today!

Sacked out!

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