Posted by: allstaragility | February 8, 2012

More Adventures

Today we once again kept our training sessions short and sweet because we had an adventurous night ahead of us.  We did add the skills of not only lining up by my side, but also coming in to sit between my legs.  C-ya is already offering circles around the cone, going to her mark on an upside-down bowl, and doing awesome at holding a sit while I rev her up before releasing to get it.

I let her run around with Solei as I set-up for my classes.  First thing C-ya did when I stretched out the tunnel under the A-frame was zip through it!  She did this a few more times all on her own.  I guess it won’t be hard to really teach it to her, when the time comes!  I did have to watch her as she also thought the A-Frame looked like a great mountain to conquer.  She was up about 2 feet before I could get there to pick her off of it and Patti joked she was going to start a rumor that I was already teaching her running contacts- oh dear!  It is a blessing to have such a bold, confident puppy who wants to climb on everything, but it also makes for a lot more work supervising that she doesn’t get herself into trouble!

She was so good for class last night and got to stay out in the little side yard to watch the second group.  There were so many people coming up and giving her cookies for being a good girl, she didn’t have much time to cause a commotion.  We will have to have a little discussion on her not interrupting me when I am speaking to the class, however.  🙂  That was the only time that she wasn’t getting any attention and she wasn’t too pleased about it. Of course, she also got to meet more new dog friends and added a good distraction to the class the times I held her while students were running.

Today we are having a little lesson called “we are going outside on leash to potty because all you want to do otherwise is go see the neighbor’s dog through the fence or eat sticks and leaves”.   We are doing 20-minute increments where I take her out and give her a chance to poop and then back in her kennel if she doesn’t go.  Time to start learning that we play *after* we potty.    It hasn’t been terribly fun for either of us, but one of those tedious things that we have to work through.

Once we are successful at that, I am hoping to video some training sessions so everybody can see what we are doing so far.  Then it will be off to get her booster vaccinations and on to class again this evening.

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