Posted by: allstaragility | February 15, 2012

Catching up

We are still recovering from a long weekend!  I realized it is a tough job being a chief course builder at a 2-ring USDAA trial while running multiple dogs in different levels, helping students with lots of questions about rules and trying to fit in puppy socialization!  When packing up Sunday night, it dawned on me that I never once sat in my chair all weekend.  Too bad I didn’t have my fitbit on to see how many miles I had walked!  A huge thanks to everybody who helped Paula and Casa de Canine put on a successful trial!

C-ya was such a good baby in her crate this weekend.  I was much better on Sunday finding those snippets of time to get her out around all the activity.  We worked on focus amidst all the excitement, played with a few of the many other puppies there,  got lots of hands-on loving and passing around and payed some visits to the measuring device for treats.  I got her at about 13 3/4″ tall!   I think her favorite thing was getting to race around the arena after we were all packed up on Sunday night- free at last!

This week we have been advancing the same basic skills previously introduced.  I have added the concept of C-ya going to lay down on her bed by the couch on cue and started some crate games.   We are finding the right balance of food and toy rewards.  The toys get her super-stimulated so I am focusing on her still being able to think through offering behaviors when a toy is involved.

C-ya has gone to class with me every night this week.  As I am setting up, she loves to chase after Solei through the tunnels- I am perfectly fine with them having a little fun with it.  I have also found the time to work sending her through and coming to my hand at the end or running to her toy.  Last night, she got to help me teach again by being a distraction at the weave poles; getting cookies and playing with her toys to help the other dogs block out everything but the task at hand.  All the dogs did great!

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