Posted by: allstaragility | March 5, 2012

FitPAWS for fit pups

Many, many thanks to FitPAWS for sponsoring the 2012 WAO Team.  We were given a nice gift certificate to order a few items so our dogs will be in top shape for the competition.  It is also coming in handy for puppy training.  Since I already have their big balance disc and a few balls, this was a good chance to try some different items.  I think we will have fun with the Paw Pods as well as the BOSU Sport.  Here is a short video of some of the things we did today:

FitPAWS video



  1. Awesome! I love all my FitPaws stuff! We have been having a lot of fun with the paw pods lately. Right side up, up side down, front two feet on one and back two feet on a second one, etc… I’ll have to look into the Bosu Sport – we don’t have that one!

    • I think I will get a lot of use from the BOSU Sport. The bottom side has the surface just like the top and has better traction than the other BOSU ball. Also, I love having some of the same benefits of a small ball, but I don’t have to stabilize it.

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