Posted by: allstaragility | March 12, 2012


Wasn’t today just beautiful?  The plan for the day was a quick training session before hitting the great outdoors.  I discovered there is a very nice place to hike just over a mile away from K-9’s; The James A. Reed Memorial Wildlife Area.  Thanks to Nicolette Dobson who has put together a great website for KC dog owners with information on things you can do with your dog in the area.  Check out for more details.

Solei, Bode and C-ya all got to go.  Don’t worry, Zoom will get his turn tomorrow.  3 dogs wanting to explore and play in the creek was more than enough for me to handle!  This area has something like 12 lakes, primarily for fishing, with plenty of trails.  We went off the beaten path fairly often, climbing the bluffs above the creeks, before heading back down to play in the water.  Since we had a good rain yesterday, every little spring and creek was bubbling.   I picked one that had really clear water and a rocky bottom.  It reminded me of our trip to Colorado last summer where Solei, Skylar, Bizi, Bliss, Roxy, Bullet and Bailey all played in the mountain streams.

Solei could hear the water and was beside herself trying to get to it.  C-ya was a little cautious at first, but was quickly running back and forth across the creek and sticking her nose underwater to pick up rocks.  Probably the most entertaining was Bode, who wanted to chase the little bubbles in the water created by the fast current and would bark and spin when they were out of reach.   I only had 1 flexi lead so the dogs had to take turns getting to go very far and it was a good opportunity to work sit and down stays.

I can’t emphasize enough about how important these types of experiences are with our dogs.  It strengthens our relationship with them, is a wonderful type of cross-training (especially with navigating tricky trails), and allows some unique training situations.  Plus, we get to enjoy time with our dogs just being dogs.  That is something many people forget!  And, you can’t deny the benefit of having some very worn out pups when you get home!We left plenty of trails unexplored for our next visit.  Also on my to-do list are visits to the Overland Park Arboretum, Cave Spring Historic and Nature Center and the Kansas City Sculpture Park.   Good thing the weather will be beautiful all week!

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