Posted by: allstaragility | December 31, 2012

Goodbye 2012…

Here I am sitting at my sister’s house on the last evening of the year.  Yep, it is a real party- she is doing her taxes (I hate her, too!) and I am working on my computer.  As most of us do on this day, I have been spending the remaining hours of 2012 reflecting on the last year and what has transpired.  I am incredibly blessed with family, friends, health, freedom and, of course, my pups that keep me going every day!

2012 started with my move to KC and becoming a more permanent fixture teaching in the community.  I am so fortunate to be surrounded by such an amazing group of people and am lucky to consider every one of my students a friend.  I feed off of their desire to learn and improve, feel their frustrations and determination to overcome obstacles and find no greater joy than witnessing their triumphs, big and small!   As always, I hope I can improve my job performance in the coming year and thank my students for helping me grow as their instructor.

My move to KC was in preparation for the completion of our building project- the Midwest Event Center for Canine Athletes.  This has been one big lesson in patience for me (not one of my best virtues…) as we experienced numerous set-backs.  Thankfully, we are finally getting close to starting construction!  Please pray for good weather over the next few months!

2012 also saw some changes to my furry family.  It was one year ago that Lorraine showed me this photo of one of Kristin’s puppies and my life will never be the same again!Image

My immediate response was: I WANT HER!  Quite an irrational thought for me in the middle of moving and already having 4 dogs, but a short month later Kristen delivered the little bundle of crazy into my arms.  Versa LetSplit (C-ya, AKA C Monkey, CC, CC Beanie Weanie, and Miss Puppenstuff) has been a complete joy and I can’t imagine life without the little whirling dervish.  I will be sure to hand out earplugs to everybody who is near the ring at our first trial!

Unfortunately, I was at 5 dogs for a few short months as my sweet old guy, Caper, passed away in the spring at the age of 14.   He was the most gentle soul and loved playing agility at home, even though his arthritic body kept him from a very long competition career.   I still miss his soft huffs telling me he needed to go potty outside…  I hope he is having a blast playing at the Bridge.Image

Few words can describe this year with the best little blue doggie in the world.  May was an amazing month where we competed at our first AKC World Team Try-outs (finishing 11th overall) and traveled to Belgium for the WAO.   Having only run a couple of Master Snooker courses, it is a very scary thing to have to run in your very first international competition!  Solei was a little wired (and me just a *little* nervous), but we survived it as the first class of the Games Biathlon and then the Jumper’s round of the Agility Biathlon.

I think my very favorite memory of the entire year came right before the Gamblers class to determine the medal winners for the Games Biathlon.  There was an extra bonus to be earned by completing all of the spreads (4 huge 26″ spreads at max width).   I was really debating attempting them or not.   Solei gave me that look that she was up for anything and I reminded myself that she is a gazelle so we went for it and won our very first gold medal at an international competition!  That confidence boost also helped us fight our way up to a bronze medal in the Agility Biathlon, thus getting on the podium in the two events we ran at our international debut!  And this occurring even before she turned 3!  To top it off, she had her first perfect 4-day weekend over Memorial day and finished her MACH that same weekend.


Other highlights of the year was a respectable showing at Cynosport, earning a spot in the Steeplechase and Team Relay finals, having another stellar performance at the UKI US Open, earning medals in all 5 events, and being selected for the 2013 US WAO team.

Let us all raise a glass to many wonderful memories in 2012 and more to come in 2013!  Now I need to start dusting off my Spanish…

¡Feliz Año Nuevo!  

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