Posted by: allstaragility | May 22, 2013

WAO Experience Series

I have decided to post what I hope you will find as interesting series on the courses we ran at the 2013 World Agility Open.  Every week or so, I will reflect back on one of the runs Solei and I had on our journey to earning the Gold medal in the Individual Agility Pentathlon and the Silver medal in the Individual Agility Biathlon, in addition to our run that contributed to Team USA winning Gold.  In addition to reviewing the runs, I want to bring a more personal aspect to what was going through my mind in walking the courses and what factors ultimately determined how I chose to handle particular areas based on discussions with and advice from team members/coaches, watching others and going off that important gut-instinct.   I will also be posting/sharing links to course maps and video of our runs when available.

I hope to have the first entry  for “Podium Reflections” completed early next week!


  1. Can’t wait to read it Lori!

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