Posted by: allstaragility | June 22, 2013

Some WAO Photos

I recently purchased my first batch of  photos from Lynn Brubaker.  She and Erika Maurer did an amazing job and I can’t wait to see the rest and spend more money- LOL!  You can see the gallery HERE.


Ok, so it isn’t an “agility” photo, but I thought this was a pretty cool one of the 650 team members and I love how all of our dogs are checking back in with us!  The next ones in the series Lynn took were a bit chaotic, but hysterical!

Lori and Solei

Portrait of Solei and I… something had her a little worried, but she also isn’t one to really pick up her ears during photos. 🙂


This shot was taken during one of our practices, but it is very similar to the back-side of the wall we had in the first round.  Brrrr… yes, those are gloves on my hands.  It was chilly!


Working our RDW during practice.


The only one I have gotten so far during competition.  How cute are her ears?!?


  1. Fantastic pictures Lori. And yes, her ears are adorable!

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