Posted by: allstaragility | August 22, 2013

Class Courses 8/21/13

I really enjoyed the set-up I designed for classes this week.  It offered a lot of opportunities for different challenges I used in all of my competition handling classes (from Beginning Comp to Extreme Agility).

Here is the basic set-up:


The first course I set for the Advanced Comp Class (the Beginning Comp class had the same course, but did straight from 6-8, not taking the #7 jump before the A-Frame).


My Advanced Comp students tended to run very tentative the first time getting the dogs from the #5 weaves to the backside of #7.  Once I told them they *had* to be more intent on working  the line, they found they could easily push to the right side around #7 (dog on their right).


Another option was to execute a blind cross while the dogs were in the weaves and push to the left side around #7.  These ways were much more successful than trying to front cross on the landing side of #6 or pull and rear cross the dog to #7.


I also liked the option of then running on the right side of the A-frame (dog on left) and then rear crossing the next jump to tighten up the turn to the weaves.

At the end of this course, we worked on pre-cuing a tight turn out of the tunnel, setting the proper line on the 270 and different ways to handle the 270 to the end of the course.

Next, students had to think about running the first course in reverse flow (which was a challenge in itself!)


For the Extreme Agility Class, everybody first ran 1-12.  After they finished, I then added 13-20 and they ran the entire course.  I followed that by numbering another 10 obstacle sequence so their 3rd turn was running a 30 obstacle course.  We tend to all have enough stamina to get us through 20 obstacles, but it became clear that adding the yardage for another 10 was taxing to humans and dogs (especially by the 4th turn!).  Compound that by a few students who ran 2 dogs in the class (Oh yeah, one was me running Bizi and Skylar for Ann Zarr who is resting a leg injury) and it was quite a work out!  I think everybody could see the benefit to working longer courses and pushing ourselves to be able to dig deep to get through them.



  1. Really appreciate your courses! It is a great resource for those of us training on our own. Let us know when you will be doing privates/clinics in Tulsa.

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