Posted by: allstaragility | September 4, 2013

Aged to Perfection!

For this Dog Agility Blog Action Day on the topic of “Aging”, instead of lamenting on the aspects of us and our dogs getting older, I want to take the opportunity to honor the seniors (both human and canine) in our sport.  You can view links to more posts on this topic and other DABAD events HERE.

This topic hits pretty close to home as my mother, Alice Michaels (who is seventy-something years young) still competes with her Shelties.   She is a very competitive person.  I know I get that from her.  When I was in my teens I made the mistake of saying I could outrun her.   Yeah, not true.  I am not sure she couldn’t beat me today (and that is after having a partial knee replacement)!  Mom once commented about how sad it was that this sport didn’t exist when she was a lot younger.  She began competing in agility in the mid 1990’s and was already in her mid 50’s at that time.   No, I am not saying that 50 is old!  I am saying that if she were in her 20’s today with the sport where it is now, I know that she would be very busy kicking our butts!  She is an inspiration to all of us in the local community and we all aspire to be like her when we “grow up”!

Of course, at the other end of the leash are our beloved senior dogs.   This weekend, a local club held a “Run Again” at their trial with proceeds going to Chase Away Canine Caner.  I was out of town for this event, but always love seeing the retired dogs get to “compete” again in these types of fundraisers.  The joy on their faces as they zip around the ring, conquering 4″ jumps and tunnels is heartwarming.   Mom participated in this event with Skye and the photo that several of her friends got her of Skye going over a jump brings tears to my eyes.  Here is this sweet, old Sheltie boy going over a jump with the same intensity and determination in his eyes as he had when I ran him at the World Championships 7 years ago.

I think of all the miles I have traveled going to competitions with my mother and in the ring with Skye and feel so lucky.  To me, they are not aging, but aged to perfection!


Mom with Skye and Sage at the beach in Florida before the 2005 AKC National Agility Championships in Tampa.


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