Posted by: allstaragility | December 31, 2013

Hello there, 2014!

It is really true what they say.  The older you get, the faster time flies!  Is that really 2014 knocking on our doors?

On the last day of the year, I always feel the need to reflect on it.  I know more than a few people who are very glad to bid 2013 adieu, and I certainly don’t blame them.  I have had those years, myself!  The end of this year, however, is a tad bittersweet.  While I anxiously look forward to all that 2014 is going to hold (I am dubbing it “My Year in the Air” with all of the traveling I have planned), I have to acknowledge that this year was the harbinger of it all.   Of course, non of it would have been possible with out a magical little blue dog by my side through most of it!  What adventures Solei and I had!

In April, we competed at the first IFCS Continental Championship of the Americas and won a spot on the 2014 IFCS Team.  Following a respectable showing at the AKC ITTO we went on to an unforgettable experience at the 2013 World Agility Open in Oviedo, Spain and brought home 2 Gold and 1 Silver medals!  Aside from less than stellar performances in the Games Biathlon (Snooker and Gamblers), Solei and I were 8/8 on pretty intense international courses!  While I had complete faith we could do that, I would have never have actually expected it. 🙂   You can read more about those adventures here.

Back in the US, Solei was Regional Champion twice in Grand Prix and once in Steeplechase during the summer and completed her MACH2 title in September.  At the marathon known as Cynosport , Solei and I made both Steeplechase and Grand Prix finals, finishing 6th in Steeplechase and 2nd in Grand Prix (just 0.1 seconds out of first!).  The very next weekend, we headed back east for the US Open (such a great competition this year!) and came home with a gold and 2 silver medals and a spot on the 2014 WAO Team!  To top of a phenomenal year, Solei finished her ADCH last weekend getting that final pairs Q with Deann Hecht and littermate, Izzy.  That was a pretty special moment!

This year also saw the beginning of C-ya’s competition career.  Oh, how she has made me laugh!  Her exuberance and antics balance out Solei’s serious, business-like approach to the sport.  I didn’t know just how much I needed that until I started running her!  Her journey is going to be much different than Solei’s but I think I knew that when I got her.  🙂

Of course, the year also brought its share of sorrow… Skye’s health deteriorated fairly quickly in October and Mom helped him pass while I was on my way home from Tennessee.  It was terribly hard not getting to say goodbye to a friend.  Especially one with whom we had our own wonderful adventures, especially being members of the 2006 and 2007 AKC World Team and multiple appearances in AKC and USDAA finals.  Skye was just an enigmatic presence who is terribly missed.   Otherwise, I have been incredibly fortunate and thankful that family (both human and canine) all enjoyed good health in 2013.   There is not much more you can ask for!

Aside from competitions, I was incredibly blessed to travel across the country teaching and working with people who love this sport as much as I do!  New friends were made and many laughs shared.  It is amazing how much one can learn while teaching and I am very excited that 2014 will bring more of these opportunities.  Of course, my students/friends in my backyard are my anchors and the main reason I keep doing what I do!  I cannot thank them enough for their support, faith and hard work!

Knock Knock.  

Who’s there?


Well, hello there, 2014!  I dare to say that you have some pretty big shoes to fill.  I also dare to ask that you are as kind and generous as 2013 has been.  I hope we will be close friends and, a year from now, I will regret having to say goodbye to you!

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