Posted by: allstaragility | January 7, 2014

When one door closes…

It is hard to think about this door closing before it even had a chance to open…  4 years of planning the dream training and event center came to an official end today.  Before we could close with the bank on the loan that was approved, we were waiting on the final bids from the contractor.  To our surprise, the final total on the project was going to cost over $120,000 more than the budget would allow.  We had a major setback previously with the budget and it was a year-long journey of redesign and re-approval with the city and bank.  So, not only was there nothing else left to whittle down in the budget, those of us involved (especially Pam and I) had grown weary of it not progressing and this was just the final straw.   Even I, the eternal optimist, was ready to have some closure to the ongoing struggles of this project.  I am pretty sure if it was meant to be,  it would have happened a few years ago and it took me some time to come to that realization…

I am so sad, not for myself, but for the local agility community for whom we wanted to provide something very special.  A place for people and dogs to train whenever they wanted, a place for clubs to easily hold 2-ring trials without dealing with crappy dirt or hauling equipment, a place we could host some cool events in the center of the country.   I have shed tears that we won’t be able to fill that need.  We were so close to seeing it happen.

Surprisingly, I am also feeling some sense of relief.  There was the pressure of looming responsibility to help bring in the money it was going to take to pay the enormous bills to support such a place that has now lifted.  A lot can happen in 4 years and as my business has expanded, I was worried about traveling and still being able to orchestrate instructors, members, students and events.  Now I don’t have to worry about making that sacrifice.  I have endured teaching in less-than ideal conditions while waiting for the building to go up and now I am excited about finding my own facility so I can offer a small piece of the original dream to the community.

I am very thankful for  friends and family who have offered words of advice and encouragement.  Nothing in this experience has been easy, but we learned a lot and dared to dream big.  You never know if you don’t try…

One door might have closed today, but I am looking forward to stepping through the next one that opens!


  1. Disappointed with you, but it sounds like you have a great perspective on it. Looking forward to seeing what the future holds for you and the pups!

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