Posted by: allstaragility | June 25, 2014

Thoughts on getting older…

On Sunday I turn the big 4-0… meh.  Does it hit everybody as hard as it has me?  I have always felt younger than my actual age reflected- probably because so many people thought I was!  Heck, I still think about what it will be like to actually “grow up”.  I guess now that 40 is looming, I have to face the music that I am grown up.   Not only that, but my body is starting to remind me that I am not a kid anymore.  It creaks and rebels once in awhile.  Holy moly… I think maybe I am bypassing the whole “grown up” thing and heading straight for old!  I know, some of you would probably slap me right now for saying that.  Just let me have this little pity party and mourn over the loss of my 30’s.  Man, I just hope I am able to be running agility as well as my Mom is at 75!  Please let me have gotten those genes!

On the brighter side, I share birthdays with my amazing Solei.  Not only that, but she was born pretty close to the exact same time of day as me!  I also have mixed feelings about her turning 5…  She was my little phenom baby-dog who won international medals at the age of 2!  While I was pushing it already, I really can’t call her baby dog any more.  Youth isn’t near as much on our sides.  I guess Solei’s 5 isn’t much different than my 40!  Her early accomplishments didn’t leave a whole lot of room for improvement as far as results go, but wow, it is so cool to see how far our teamwork has come in the last 3 years!   Seasoning is a powerful thing.  It has created the kind of partnership that I hope everybody gets to experience at some point.   When you do, make certain you realize just how lucky you are…

I don’t really think Solei gives a flip that she is turning 5, so I suppose I will stop caring that I am turning 40.  Those are just numbers, anyway.  So instead of thinking of it as aging, I will just call it continued seasoning!


Happy Birthday, Baby Girl!!!



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