Posted by: allstaragility | March 12, 2015

Ladder Drill Games

With the viral spread of the so-called “Holmberg Double” course challenge, I decided to share this training drill that I have used at the end of many of my seminars the last few years.  Not only are they fun challenges, they really test many different skills that we worked on over the course of the seminar.    

The original blog post on this exercise can be viewed at:

Here is the set-up:

Ladder Drill

Drill options:

*Note* This is NOT a jump grid.  The jumps are never to be taken in flow as it is not safe/fair to ask it of the dogs.

  • Start at either tunnel, then take a jump on way to the other tunnel. 4 passes, take each jump once.  End on the same tunnel you started on.
  • Start at either tunnel, make 4 passes through middle to alternating tunnels, twice taking different jumps and twice taking different gaps (space between the jumps, not outside of jumps). Dog handler must go through same gap.   Handler has to declare order of jumps/gaps, i.e. Jump, gap, gap, jump, before running.
  • Start at either tunnel, this time taking 2 jumps on the pass to the other tunnel. 4 passes, must take 2 different jump combinations each time.   Jumps cannot be taken consecutively (in flow).
  • Start at either tunnel, take all 4 jumps on the way to the other tunnel. Jumps cannot be taken in flow.
  • Add a set of 6 poles. Start with either tunnel, 4 passes between tunnels, each time taking one jump and the weaves.   Must use a different jump each pass.
  • Another variation is to turn the tunnels so they are facing away from the jumps and the tunnels are now sends to back-side tunnel entries.

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