Long-distance Learning

Online Coursework with Lori Michaels

Are you:

  • Stuck in a “training rut”?
  • Needing assistance making better handling decisions?
  • Having a hard time coming up with training exercises?
  • Feeling uninspired or under-challenged in your training?
  • Wishing you had a group of friends to train with regularly?
  • Lacking that extra pair of eyes to help fine-tune your skills?

If so, All Star Agility is proud to offer Online Coursework with Lori Michaels!  This is an online subscription service which offers several levels of learning:

Subscribers   As a subscriber, you enjoy the following benefits:

– Membership in the private facebook group

– Access to all of the training exercises and videos posted by Lori (every 2 weeks).  There are no less than 10 exercises spanning a range of skill levels, including snooker and gambler drills!

– Post videos of your training sessions.

– Participate in discussions and Q&A.

Subscriber fee: $25/month or $70 for 3 months

Subscriber with Video Review

– This optional, additional service will allow you to post up to 4 videos of single training exercises per 2-week cycle and get detailed feedback from Lori.

The service is an additional $25/month or $70 for 3 months

Individual Video Review

– For Subscribers who want video analysis of a single exercise.

The fee for this service is $15 per video.

These exercises are designed to fit into smaller spaces which are no larger than 50’ by 70’.  Obstacles used will include no more than 8 jumps (wings preferred, but wingless is fine), 12 weave poles and 1 tunnel.  Subscribers will receive at least 10 sequences on each set-up ranging from Novice to “International” in difficulty, in addition to options for practicing snooker and gamble skills.

Ready to sign up?  Questions?  Contact Lori (allstaragility@gmail.com) for more information and subscription details!


  1. I LIVE the FB coursework share. Is it possible to become part of this class/group?

    • Crystal, I just updated the info in Long-distance learning. If you are interested or have more questions, please e-mail me!

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