Private Lessons

Private lessons are an ideal way to get the one-on-one personal training attention which you may be seeking. Lori is available for private lessons  in Kansas City and sometimes in Manhattan.   Many have chosen to book Lori for a weekend of instructing private lessons at their location.  Anybody hosting a weekend of private lessons at their facility will receive at least one complimentary hour of instruction!  If your group is within driving distance of KC, Lori is happy to schedule a day of privates that can also be combined with and evening workshop.  Just contact Lori for details!




  1. Hi Lori, i recently audited the Saturday of the two day seminar in Port Allen near Baton Rouge. You may remember me as the only other man along with Ken and his dog Casey. We are traveling to visit family in Liberty, Missouri between the Dec 5 through the 10th. I have a year old Golden Retriever who has been doing beginner level agility courses since she was 7 months old. My question is, is it too young for her to have a private lesson with you ? I think it would be a great experience for us both.

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