Posted by: allstaragility | October 9, 2010

Dear Solei

Dear Solei,

For the last year, any time we have passed a ring at a trial, you have found the gate and tried to pull me in.  You must have been wondering why the other dogs get to play and you only get to watch- well that all changes tomorrow!   I absolutely cannot wait to see your face when you actually get to enter the ring for the first time!   On the eve of your very first agility competition, there are several things I want you to know…Ready? Steady?  Go!

Many people make a huge distinction between training and competing.  Even though tomorrow will be a mildstone in our journey, please understand that this simply marks the next level of our training together.   Just because we are running in a “ring” doesn’t mean that things are going to be any different.   True competition won’t come for us for awhile yet, so I promise not to get caught up in that game if you don’t.

I do have several expectations for us, but let me be clear that perfection is not one of them.  You are still a baby and we are a green team and perfection is something rarely reached in our sport.   I expect that we will both make mistakes.  I expect that you will make me laugh many times.  I expect you will make me a better teammate, teacher and student.  We have so many things still to learn together!

I also expect that I will have ring nerves.  Please understand that it isn’t because I am worried about you, but due to the fact I don’t want to let you down.   My job is to make your experiences in the ring positive and I really don’t want to look back at our runs thinking I could have helped you more.  Nerves are a silly human feeling and I promise they will get better the more experience we get.

While on the subject of silly humans, we often talk about things such as goals and dreams.  Don’t worry yourself about these at all.  It is our nature and we just can’t help it.  I promise I will not let them affect our first runs together as they are a long way into our future.  In the meantime, my dream of running you in the “big dog” ring is finally coming true and I think, for now, it is enough for both of us!

With much love,

Your Mom


  1. Better words were never spoken! Good luck on having a fun time together as a team, with your baby dog!

  2. I felt a little shiver and eyes teared up a bit reading this. Feeling all the same emotions and thinking the same thoughts with Bliss in the next few days.

  3. Beautiful – When I took my little Kelsi into the ring for the first time, that is exactly what I told myself – I am running you not to Q, but to let you gain confidence and have fun. The pressure was big as I was now going from a fast, crazy,over the top confidence dog, to a soft, non-confident dog. I am proud to say that three years later I have a happy dog who can’t wait to run!

  4. You wrote down everything I felt the first time I stepped into the “ring” with my dogs. Thank you for saying it so eloquently!!!
    It’s a game and it’s supposed to be fun. The end!

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