Posted by: allstaragility | September 22, 2009

Just Ducky!

What a fun morning!  Solei was reunited with some of her siblings at Kathie’s as she had her first introduction to the ducks.   She was quite taken aback (or aquack, har-har) by them at first and found their poop and the opportunity to play with the other puppies more enticing.  Once we took most of the ducks out and just left 3 in the pen, it became a bit more fun for her.  It will be interesting to see what she thinks the next time we see them.  Her little sister, Izzy, was the star and I was very impressed with how instinctive she was with them already!

Bode even got to play and I discovered there is a little herding dog in him.  Very little barking and just followed behind them.  It was very cute!

The coolest discovery was when we were discussing a herding seminar I attended about 7 years ago.  Come to find out, Kathie was there taking Blue to work with the instructor.  I now remember seeing her and Blue, but who would have thought that would be the mom of a future puppy!

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