Posted by: allstaragility | June 25, 2014


From a weekend seminar to a 4-5 day camp, Lori is willing to customize a training opportunity to fit into any request!

Please contact Lori at to inquire about seminar scheduling.

Lori’s 2014 Seminars:

March 1-2: Criterion Agility, CT
March 7-9: Ogden, UT
March 19-20: Granite Bay, CA
March 21: San Francisco, CA
March 22-23: Petaluma, CA
March 19-20: Portland, OR
June 27-29: Ogden, UT
July 14-17: C Spot Win Camp, Cheyenne, WY
July 26-27: Toledo, OH
August 4-6: Clear Mind Camp, OR
August 24-25 Albany, NY

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